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 Exhibitions & Projects

Liverpool Pride, a community commission, July 2017

 Provocations, Group Show, In Collaboration With, 1-17 June 2017

Same-Sex Marriage Quilt People's History Museum 7-27 February 2015

Development during Homotopia Festival November to December 2014 at Unity Theatre, FACT and Museum of Liverpool

01-31 March 2009 -‘Works’ BPNW, Manchester

27 May- 02 June 2008- ‘Love Festival’ MassiveUK, Night and Day , Manchester 

05 July 2007- ‘Loveless’  Event The Bay Horse

20-28 June 2007 -‘Aerial’ MMU Degree Show  Holden  Gallery, Manchester

05-15 May 2006- Hogeschool Voor De Kunsten, Amsterdam

24-28 June 2004- Hereford College of Art end of year show, Hereford 

June 23-30 2003- ‘6 Form End of Year Show’, Hereford Courtyard, Hereford  


‘Know Your Mind?’ collaborative work between NHS and Gloucestershire Healthy School Partnership 2005

Voluntary Work 

Yu-Chen Wang, A splash a last drop May 2011