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 Exhibitions & Projects

I'm currently involved in a rolling project on-line called #Bookdraw. Through the project I am aiming to encourage more people to read or have exposure to Queer Fiction. I post weekly video's here is an example of one of my speed drawings of 1925 French novel André Gide‘s The Counterfeiters (or Les Faux Monnayeurs).

Here are some previous projects I've been involved with
Liverpool Pride, a community commission double sided banner, July 2017
Check out their fab video of the banner in action! (click above)
 Provocations, A Group Show, In Collaboration With, 1-17 June 2017

Development during Homotopia Festival November to December 2014 at Unity Theatre, FACT and Museum of Liverpool

01-31 March 2009 -‘Works’ BPNW, Manchester

27 May- 02 June 2008- ‘Love Festival’ MassiveUK, Night and Day , Manchester 

05 July 2007- ‘Loveless’  Event The Bay Horse

20-28 June 2007 -‘Aerial’ MMU Degree Show  Holden  Gallery, Manchester

05-15 May 2006- Hogeschool Voor De Kunsten, Amsterdam

24-28 June 2004- Hereford College of Art end of year show, Hereford 

June 23-30 2003- ‘6 Form End of Year Show’, Hereford Courtyard, Hereford  


‘Know Your Mind?’ collaborative work between NHS and Gloucestershire Healthy School Partnership 2005

Voluntary Work 

Yu-Chen Wang, A splash a last drop May 2011