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I am a seam collective member!

 I am very pleased to announce I am a member of the seam collective! The group meets and discuss a range of textiles related issue and do group shows. I've very pleased to be a part of such an inspiring group!


aims and objectives

The most important parts of the constitution are our aims and objectives, which are to:

  1. support members of seam in their textile practice by:
    • sharing creative and business knowledge and information
    • holding regular collective creative reviews
    • encouraging and supporting members in achieving their textile-related goals
    • encouraging creativity, originality, sustainability, research and collaboration
  2. promote members as artists and/or designers, and textiles as a contemporary art and/or design activity, in particular by:
    • holding seam exhibitions
    • maintaining a website and blog that promotes members, their work, and events in which members are participating
    • providing information and education on textiles
  3. focus on local opportunities and local production, and help the local business environment become a sustainable place to earn a living as a textile artist, maker or designer

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