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Saturday, 20 October 2012

Manchester Weekender- Manchester Hour

The Manchester Weekender was last weekend, I took part in a photography workshop some of the pictures have been entered into a competition please take a look and like them!
 We went around the Northern Quarter in Manchester to find portraits of people that reflected life in Manchester. There were loads of different approaches taken on the day and you can see all the groups’ pictures here.

We then went into Piccadilly garden with a chosen picture and showed our pictures of to the public.  Randomly the person’s picture I chose passed us by so another picture was taken of us together. 
 I’ve entered the picture into hOURs Manchester competition along with a couple of others including some couples, a broken finger and a late night drunken crashed car!

The Manchester Weekender photography workshop was run by artist Len Grant, a wonderful artist who draws attention to the excluded and vulnerable. He’s created books which covers different people life stories he shared a couple with us including a drug addict, alyssum seeker and homeless person.  Please check out his work and buy his book! Or a least follow him @Len_Grant

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