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Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Won an iPod touch!


There was a competition at University of Manchester for the Alan Gilbert Learning Commons building. I’ve been told I was a runner-up and will get a iPod touch! You can see a film of all the entries in a short video here (they even used a quote from me!). 

Anyone could enter within the University, the image was supposed to reflect something of Uni life at Manchester. All my experiences at University have been because of the people I have interacted and learnt from. I wanted to combine something from the people I’ve been working with to produce an image of our shared experiences.

I asked everyone on my course to send me an image of their eye. I figured it’s something we all shared in common, we all have been looking and learning together and I knew I could merge the colours from our iris’ to make something interesting.

So from the images people gave me I chose parts which could go together to form a final image. Everyone gave me something different; some were really good quality, close up images, others were pretty blurred, cast in shadow or just really tiny. I was however, able to use snippets of everyone’s eye and if anything the variety of images just added to the final outcome.

This is a separate picture that shows where each person’s eye is within the image I submitted. We’re going to donate the iPod touch to the course we’re on so students can use the iPodtouch for interviews and taking pictures, it’s a nice little legacy of us while we are on the course. There will be an event later in the year to accept the prize- v. exciting!


  1. What a great idea, congrats on your prize! :)

  2. Thanks Ricketyjo

    My partner pointed out 'i-dea' to me:D

    I really like your jamd sowing v. intracate with lots of personality and flair

    ppl check her work out: