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Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Holden Gallery 62@50 on my way to work

This is the front entrance to the Holden gallery in the UK. I studied my BA here I pass it everyday to and from work and recently the 62@50 caught my eye. This is because I know the 62 group are a 50 year old strong collective, I can't believe they're presenting so close to my neck of the woods.

I aspire to join the group one day! They are the most prominent and influential British group for contemporary textile. Alice Kettle's triptych inspired me to buy a sewing machine which lead to the creation of Adam and now a new piece of Kettle's is hanging among 57 other greats like Michael Brennand-Wood, Rachel Gornall and a new hero to me Jan Beaney

look at this spectacular layering, thread of different textures and thickness creating this wonderful landscape. Walking through the exhibition makes me more determined to get creative. Its only here till 17 Aug 2012 so if you're local to Manchester- get there fast!


  1. That is a beautiful piece. I think thin tree branches always give a bit of elegance to a landscape.

  2. Manchester far. Can you show more.

  3. I should have done this before! Here is a link to 62 collectives website

    and here is a link to buy their publication for the exhibition. What is great about the book is that it showcases more than just the artists in the exhibition, it showcases the collective with details of the artists themselves:

    total investment purchase!

  4. Boris has lovely pictures of the natural world like this one of Cenote Ik Kil:

    (You can translate his website at the top, his blog caught my eye because of the captivating images )

    Another shout out to Sabina who is a foxy female blogger with impeccable taste, her drawings rule!