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Sunday, 5 August 2012

Blogging for Creatives

I’ve recently got a new role at work which has meant a move in departments. I’ve only moved a few feet away from my old department but everyone was really nice and got me a couple of gifts. My line manager handed me a gift saying

‘Many of you know Oly is a keen Blogger, and hasn’t updated a post in Millennia.... so we hope this helps’

I was presented with this great book, this is a link to Robin Houghton's blog/book Blogging for Creatives, which I’ve been studying all weekend. It's full of loads of really inspiring stuff- Go check it out!

Anyway, the gesture was lovely and showed at least some knew that the blog existed, even if it is neglected. At that moment with a room full of work colleagues I also recieved a needed slap across my face as well, which told me- I need to change.

So I’m doing something about, firstly justifying my abandoment with a new page with notes of conferences I’ve attended and the work I submitted for my MA, so at least the work can be looked at by more than just my tutors. It will also make the guilt of not posting more often feel better (yep still holding on to my MA as my excuse for no posts). I want to post more and will make more of an effort to produce more work or at least review other work however; I will have more freedom this time next year once the MA is over!

I have taken my first steps, learnt how to upload a PDF using Scribd and even manged to link my twitter feed to my blog. It might be a small step but it feels like progress.

So if you’re thinking about doing an MA, (I would encourage anyone it’s been an remarkable experience so far) click on University stuff, Conferences and Notes to see the type of work you could produce if you want to study Arts Management.

Or just check it out if you're curious about conferences by organisations like Tate Modern, Lighthouse or AV festival.


  1. I admire your drive; just the thought of going back to school seems so daunting to me, even though furthering one's education is never a bad investment. And probably something I should do.

    But you needn't apologize for not updating; you blog for yourself, not the blogging police. Though yeah of course I'd love to see more of your art. Also thanks for the comment. Good to know your back and congrats on the move at work.

  2. Thanks Sabina that's really motivating and true I totes just want to do more arty stuff which doesn't even need to be a final image- never enough hours in the day though :)

  3. Hi Oly - many thanks for the mention/ plug! I hope the book was useful - I confess I haven't been updating regularly the blog, as so many other things seem to have taken precendence, so it happens to us all! All the best, Robin

  4. Thank you Robin! You've really helpped given me ideas, motivation and structure to my blogging :)