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Saturday, 15 July 2017

In Collaboration With: Provocations

Hi There it's been a while,
That's because I have been concentrating on my youtube channel more than my blog at the moment. I wanted to give a little up date though on the previous exhibition I was involved in.  I was a part of a group show called Provocations which was host by ICW (In Collaboration with).  The space is run by the super talented Garth Gratrix, is super creative curator/ artist powerhouse; check out the link to his website.

This flyer lists everyone else who was involved in the show, they were from all over the country but all were interested in exploring queer themes. Below is a video which I did when I visited for the opening of the exhibition. I hope you like it!
The piece I chose to display was Oranges Not The Only Fruit by Jeanette Winterson. I chose this piece because it was a Northern gallery and she's a Northern writer. I several other videos in relationship to how I created the art work, feel free to check out my channel on Youtube for more information about the project.

I also wanted to share this other exhibition that I attended recently Cut Cloth which was held in the Portico Library. It was so good I just wanted to give it an extra shout out  follow the link to see all the artists or watch my video below. The exhibition was exploring craftivism, feminism through contemporary textiles practice. The intersection between these themes are right up my street so I was thrilled to be able to see the work. The show was created by another incredibly talented curator Sarah-Joy Ford.
What is really brilliant as well is she worked with other contributors to produce a publication with a collection of essays exploring the rise in popularity of art textiles and its impact on its value as a specifically feminist mode of expression. Cut cloth looks toward strategies both artistic and theoretical that respond to these new challenges, drawing upon feminist legacies whilst acknowledging the shifting politics of cloth in contemporary culture. There is more information about this here

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