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Monday, 6 February 2017

So it's been a while

It’s been a couple of years since I uploaded anything and that’s mainly been because I had started a new job which involves a lot of travel. I’ve managed to find my feet, settle into the work pattern and it made me creatively itchy. I’ve missed having time to sit play and experiment and so I decided to find time. It started small, first of all I just went back to an older process of sketch booking which worked for a while. I felt creatively stimulated and then I decided that I wanted to do more.

I shared these feelings with a colleague at work who is in a similar role, also lacks time and hasn’t, like me been able to get it together properly and make a start. We decided that we would push each other, be in each other’s corner and commit to meeting for at least 30 minutes a week and start making together.

We defined what we wanted from each other, I needed a sounding board and someone who was willing to be really critical about my work and question why I was doing the things I was making. She wanted me to push her because she knew she would slip and get distracted. We are similar in that we both like and need routines. The problem with routines is neither of us have specific routines with our working life. We travel between offices responding to different managers and directors needs as well as having a portfolio of clients we regularly meet.

 This makes daily routine impossible to say with confidence we will regularly have a spare 30 minutes on a specific day. So instead we agreed that we would likely be able to Skype, what’s app or meet once a week, for 30 minutes during the course of the week. It just meant we had to co-ordinate dairies regularly so we could make it work, and that is what we did. This was an early plan I made trying to work out what I actually wanted to do creatively.

We’ve been doing this since September and had it tailed off after Christmas, but that isn’t stopping me from doing more work, if anything it’s enabling me to have space to develop the ideas I’ve been working on in more detail. I want to commit to blogging more regularly to keep a diary of what has been happening and share my working process. Here is a video of the idea I came up with check it out see if you think it’s any good?

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