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Sunday, 12 February 2017

New Video released! Reflections on the Color Purple

Here is the latest video post explaining how I chose to construct the image for The Color Purple by Alice Walker. Please also go check out my facebook page which has quotes and images from other people’s fan art which I regularly upload during the week!

Reflections on how the project is going so far...

Okay, I have an hour commute between Manchester and Leeds before I can get to the office. Sometimes this is longer or shorter if I’m meeting other clients around the North. This gives me a lot of time for work, catching up on emails, power naps, reading and sketch book. However the wifi is awful on the train and the carriages swing from left to right making it an undesirable space for pen and paper. Solution? I’m going to have a rant about how I feel things are going. Here goes

I just have to reorganise myself, I need to optimise the time I have on the train for the things I can do. I’m doing it right now, I’m blogging on the train about to pass Dewsbury. This won’t be uploaded for a while (sorry for the illusion this occurred in the past). But I am making the most of this time I have in a constructive way and it will rotate between picking up emails for ten minutes before I hit the black hole that is the transpenines.  I’ll then have the choice between reading documents for work, blogging, reading or a power nap. Power naps have also become important to me, especially when I get up at 06:30 and usually don’t get home till after 18:00 sometimes 23:30. If I am to have any creative juices left for the evening a 10-20 snooze can make all the difference.
I’m beginning to feel a slight well of panic inside myself, now that I’ve actually told the world about the project. I feel like I have to make regular posts across the different platforms in order to drive up audience members as suggested by every other social media buff and active participant with solid audience numbers behind them.

So I’m aiming to produce two videos a week. The first one is a book review of the novel which I’ve decided to respond to. Then at the end of the week is another post which explains how I constructed the image itself and what the themes are in the image. So I have to be ahead to create these actual images and have read the book. This felt like something which was manageable in principle four tasks, make two videos and two images. But then I began to realise there is a lot more involved and additional tasks which take up lots of time. For example the videos themselves, I’ve got a body of music and sound effects collected now, so that part is ok.

 Editing is a proper job and feels like it is massively time consuming. There is something also incredibly narcissistic and uncomfortable about watching yourself stutter and stumble only to rearrange, prune and clip those words into a quicker pacier content. On top of that it can take a while to transcribe the video you’ve made once it’s been uploaded to Youtube. This totally feels worth it though and YouTube has made it as easy as possible. You can watch the footage and loop it back as many times at the speed and section you need so that you can transcribe the whole of your video. It then auto-sync’s it for you and you can even re-align where it shows up on screen as you speak. It means that more people can what the content. My first comment came from someone in Italy, so you never know who will watch the videos; so making the content as accessible as possible just makes sense to me.

That’s fine though I anticipate those additions and I feel like the more experience that I get the more comfortable I’ll become with the whole process. It’s the other tasks on top up that which is making me feel like I’ve set myself up to fail though. I’ve create a Facebook page which I will upload one thing per day on. Sometimes it will just be a quote or an image, other times it will be links to the video content or an image of the response I’ve made, the actual work. Other times I’m hoping it will become more about responding to other people’s uploaded content. That is going to take some time and effort to nurture, but I see the long term goal of that becoming a self-sustaining element once I’ve built up enough people and capacity and interest. That feels like a long, long way away right now.

Then there is all the additional extras which I hadn’t properly considered. Like thumb nails-they’re a little pain in the butt! I have to find a suitable face shot which doesn’t make me look like I’ve overdosed or hurled mid-sentence. Freeze framing video often results in closed eyes and unusual postures. Then it’s layering up the title and fiddling with light affects as these little buggers are individual calling cards. Each one needs to excite and appeal to viewers in order to get people to click on my content. All of these parts are actually fine, but what really irritates me is fiddling around with pixel size to match the 1280 by 720 frame! I’ve got it sussed now, but for a while I could understand why the thumbnails were being cropped and there is nowhere to re-adjust the position of the frame.

Now on top of these tasks I’m trying to keep up with other content creators that I’ve subscribed to and I’m now more invested to make comments that are genuine and instead of just thinking I should say something about it, I actually do it. As it’s another possible route to draw in people longer term. Every comment potentially might resonate with someone in some way causing them to look at my profile and possibly then clicking on the channel. Here is hoping.
It’s also incredibly annoying that I broke my phone because those lose minutes where I can watch content comment, or flick through twitter to reach out to more people has been sabotaged by my own clumsy nature. It also frustrates me that I’ve said I will be uploading pictures on Instagram but can’t because you only do through your phone. Whereas at least with twitter I can do it on a computer if I need too.

This post became really ranty, apologies! Maybe finishing this reflection on the train home tired, was not the best idea either. The learning continues…

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