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Thursday, 9 February 2017

A response to The Color Purple by Alice Walker

Each time I click public on a video I’ve been editing and amending for days, it feels really weird. I have immediate waves of why am I doing this and is everyone going to make fun of the content, will they understand what I’m even doing? Then it turns out hardly anyone is immediately watching it and I feel like a toddler who has done their first dump on the toilet and no one is paying attention. But I know the reality of set up an audience is a long grind and it’s going to take time to build.

Making the videos has been a really fun process though, with each one I’ve made I’m learning a little more. For example, once I uploaded the first one, my dad and sister immediately told me the sound was too quite on the video. Apart from swearing to myself for a little bit, I paused and let it go. It’s up now and it was just an introduction video. But I’ve since gone back through the video’s have saved to give me a league time of six weeks to generate new content and modify each of the video’s to make them clearer for the audio- at least I hope (feedback welcome!). What I also found out is that when I did change the audio it affected the percentage of the output for the music which became to quite to hear, so I had to go back for a third time and change it all again. It’s fine, it’s a learning process. Or so I keep telling myself.

So here is a new one a book Review of The Color Purple by Alice Walker. I’m trying to spread out my content now so the next post will be on Sunday explaining how I made the responding image.

Each time I’ve been making videos I’ve been taping my phone to a tripod because it doesn’t fit in the attachment bit. Then a couple of days ago I was about to start making a new video and it slipped away form me (not once but twice) and on the second slip mashed my screen. This was actually a blessing in disguise. It’s massively annoying because I’ve lost numbers, pictures and notes but the silver lining was that it made me dig out our old camera and trail a recording with it. Turns out picture and sound quality is better. Why did I not use it in the first place?

So I’m excited because I feel like future content will crisper and when I was editing the latest video for Aristotle and Dante Discover the secrets of the Universe I felt like I wasn’t editing me saying ‘Um’, pausing for breath or saying ‘kind of’ every three seconds. So I think I’m beginning to feel a bit better about being in front of the camera now as well.

I feel in some ways that I’ve been working on this project for ages, and I have been researching and developing the idea for month, but now I’ve click public for the first times. I’ve come to realize, I’ve just started.

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