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Wednesday, 22 February 2017

A book chose me today!

A book chose me today, Root of Passion by Ann Roberts. There was nothing to indicate that this book was queer. It has an image of a purple glass heart bubbling with a wisps of mist rising out of the lip of the bottle neck. Maybe it was the shade of purple that caught my eye? Maybe it was the look of a nineties romance television series that screams ‘drama’ made me reach out to the shelf of miss matched books and read the back cover. Maybe the book itself compelled me?

I sense this book will contain magic inside it and maybe that magic will spread on to you, dear reader. Maybe now were both infected? It’s only a slim read. I’m always nervous about burrowing from the library. I have a tendency to hoard or forget and build up fines for myself. I’m in the middle of the Forever War at the moment too; making the potential to shelf it and forget about it even more likely. No risk, no reward right? I need more Lesbian literature in this project, this book appears to be a slim, slight thing, so I’ll give it a go. I’ll keep you posted.

What is really exciting about the find though is that Root of Passion is published by Bella Books. I had never heard of them but when I gave it a google I was really excited because they specifically publish Lesbian Literature! I'm definitely going to explore there website and find some interesting reads, I have read a lot less Lesbian fiction so far so now I feel like I can address the imbalance a bit better within my project to explore a range of LGBT voices in fiction. They have over 550 published books so there is definitely a few to choose from.

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