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Monday, 12 October 2015

Vogue Sugar Ball House of Suarez!

Sugar is Rotten!
Why do I have candy lips and humbug eyes?
VOGUE Darling!
(full outfit at the bottom of the post!)
The House of Suarez Sugar Ball in Liverpool at Camp and Furnace. It was such an inspirational evening! If you’ve ever enjoyed Ru Paul, Monster Party or Paris is Burning then you would have felt right at home here.
Competing Houses were tarring up the runway showcasing their individuality and creativity. Like a traditional ball there were various themes including fantasy, realness and sex sirens. Everyone sizzled and popped!
 The event was hosted by host RikkiBeadle-Blair he embodies vogue and stirred up the crowd into a sugar fuelled frenzy. He was our mother for the evening and served up a sweet feast of candy sending the children into an uncontrollable wild rush for the rest of the night.
  Judges for the night included CouncillorGary Millar, The Vivienne (Ru Paul’s UK ambassador) and sexy Swedish Voguer, Benjamin Milan. When they announced the winners of each section the energy was palpable. There was stomping, clicking, cheers and screams of delight, it was infectious joy!  
 Some personal highlights featured towards the start with the Milky bar kid mixing rodeo moves with Voguing. A fantasy house outfit which had balloons caged under the dress, in a great reveal, the glass ceiling of the outfit opened and all the balloons escaped towards the crowd.
These two made my evening though. 
 We managed to find ourselves the cheapest hotel possible. It was um, minimalist- but at least clean. We had some pre-drinks in our room, listened to some tunes to help get us in the mood and did our make-up.
  I haven’t laughed so hard in ages it was great to clown around with them both. Some how we got back in the early hours with a purple dolls legs and a sparkly chocolate/poop prop. It took its toll on us though-the whole of the next day was a write-off. 
Finally this is what I was wearing: Ralph Lauren vintage candy stripe shorts, white tights and six inch high heels, they hurt, they really really hurt- but they helped with my view of the stage so they were an investment really!


  1. I love the outfit with balloons and you looked great too. Hehe,I believe the six inch heels did hurt but it was worth it. It's nice you had such a good time.