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Monday, 13 April 2015

Images from the first National festival of LGBT history!

This is Mike Jackson, as in the actual Mike Jackson was a part of the Lesbian and Gays support the Miners. You might be more familiar with him from the 'Pride' movie played by Joseph Gilgun. Look he's posing in front of the 'Same-Sex Equality Quilt' how awesome is that?!
 This is the Chair of Schools Out and super political activist Sue Sanders introducing the first National festival of LGBT history at the launch. There were several different speakers and then we went to Via Fossa and watched the first part of 'A Very Victorian Scandal'.
 The performance of 'The Raid' was set in a 'Molly House' where men used to dress as women in private bars back in the day. They had several cabaret style performances which then got interrupted by a police raid. The event is based on actual historic events which you can learn more about here.
  The place was packed, which is great but unfortunately I couldn't get that close so my pictures are pretty poor. It was a very entertaining, fabulous and scandalous evening.
Here are a few images from of different speakers who attended the first national LGBT history festival. Here is a few images from the Saturday Hub events, my favorite was Abilgail Ward's 'Queer Noise' presentation. She had loads of images of Queer under-belly of Manchester from 1976 through to the 1990's. 
 She showed different images from posters and flyers and bands who performed during this time. I was totally inspired and I want to explore these images more in future.
 Then I watched the second installment of 'A Very Victorian Scandal' 'The Press which features imaged scenes of before and after the events of the trail.
  After the performance I went to the Saturday Hub's explore the archive event with Sylvia Kolling who coordinated the day's events.       
 There was so many incredible items which the public had access to look through.
It's something that can be done at any time but has a small cost, I recommend checking it out though if you have an urge to explore some local history.
  I was really surprised by this piece which shows original drawings of the Alan Turning monument in Sackville Park. If you look to the right of his portrait you can see the sketch of how they planned for the image to look.
 Here is a few images from the Sunday Hub at People’s History Museum. It was packed full of lots of different people all interested in our collective history.
Peter Tachell speaking about international colonialism.
Mike Jackson speaking about his experiences on the front line of LGSM
This is a scene from the final part of 'A Very Victorian Scandal' 'the Trail' which explores the events of the trail and what happened to the men who were on trail.
Here was a performance by All the Nice Girls, they were so entertaining!
Prof. Alex Sharpe gave a really interesting talk on Trans-Cis sexual intimacy in circumstances where gender history has not been disclosed. In recent years, a series of young trans men have been successfully prosecuted for sexual offenses in these circumstances. Several have been imprisoned and all have been placed on the Sex Offenders Register for Life.
 I also got a moment to pose wit Stuart Milk, Harvey Milk's Nephew who was also speaking at the event to tell everyone about his work with the Harvey Milk Foundation.



  1. Looks like such an amazing festival! I wish something like that could be possible here in Lima, but people are just too conservative and prejudiced.

  2. Thanks Arion, I hope things change for everyone in Lima soon. Maybe start something small to get people together,talking and sharing ideas and see where it takes you?

    The Festival came from Schools Out who were a bunch of LGBT teachers who wanted to make positive changes to improve education and acceptance of LGBT people.

    It took them a lot of campaigning and time to get to a stage where LGBT history month was started and having the first festival of LGBT history which is a massive mile stone for them.