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Monday, 27 October 2014

Homotopia- Miracles of Miracles, I'm taking part!

I’m really excited to be included in the 2014 Homotopia programme titled Mircales of Miracles!

Homotopia is an annual festival celebrating queer art, based in Liverpool. I’ve watched Homotopia grow for years and I’m proper chuffed to be included in their programme.

I’ve been working hard to continue with my same sex marriage quilt project and Homotopia have helped find a couple of places to host the next stage of my ongoing project.

The next stage of the project involves people decorating images of the 396 members of parliament who voted for same sex marriage in July 2013.

 Here is a little snapshot of the templates I’ve been spending the last few month preparing.  All the images were sourced from Goggle searches of the MPs. I’ve been hand drawing  each of these images for over a year. Now I’m finally getting to stage where the images are ready for the public to decorate so that they can then be added to the quilt.

I need lots of help getting them decorated though and I’m actively reaching out to different groups to get them involved. Homotopia have found the first couple of hosts who are going to let me do workshops in their venues. To take part, come to Unity Theatre 7th November 6pm or come to Museum of Liverpool 8th-9th between 10am-5pm to get involved!

The Museum of Liverpool has loads to see and do and Unity Theatre have other performances happening that night including Black Le Gateau Chocolat and PolariSalon featuring Jonathan Harvey. You can also see the Rainbow Jews exhibition so there is plenty to come in to see and do.

If you’re reading this and are a part of a community group and would like me to come over and do a workshop in the future with you please get in touch my address is I’d be happy to come to your group!

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