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Sunday, 3 August 2014

Liverpool Pride #equalityquilt

 Liverpool pride was epic! I had so much fun with the delightful Historian Jenny White and one half of the amazing craftivist duo Warp and Weft. If you've not yet checked out their city changing work I highly recommend that you do.

We started the day with the pride march; the theme was fairy-tale so Jenny White was giving it some huntsman realness whilst I was working it as red riding hood.

There was a kaleidoscope of diverse costumes and banners that filled the streets; it was a truly uplifting spectacle filling me with pride! Here are couple of my favourite pics; we even found the big bad wolf!

In the afternoon I was in the community tent alongside the talent purlesque team delivering my tester craft session to people a feel for the workshops at people’s history museum (during my week’s residency 24-30 August).

Lots of people came over to the marquee and had a go at writing messages of hope to the 254 MPs that did not vote yes to equal marriage. It was a great experience to see how people would engage. I had to adapt the project to an outdoor environment so that people could make a brief contribution to the project.  We got passers-by to write their message and add images to hexagons.

These messages will go towards the creation of the quilt later in the year. The quilt will have portraits of the 396 MPs that voted for the bill and messages towards a more hopeful future to the 254 MPs who did not vote yes.

I still have loads of messages to reach my target of 254, so please write a comment below and contribute to the project! I will turn your messages into an artwork and incorporate your views into the quilt!

If you’re on twitter, send a message using #equalityquilt and I will tweet you back with a picture of your message turned into an artwork.

It was a real pleasure to be able to contribute to Liverpool Pride thanks to Joan Burnett for letting me take part!

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