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Friday, 15 August 2014

#Equalityquilt: Wythenshawe's WYnotLGBTQ

I was able to get together with WYnotLGBTQ a youth group in Wythenshawe for lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans* young people.
 They were a fantastically creative group, they all contributed towards the #equalityquilt project which I was really pleased with.
 Here are a couple of pictures from the session which will be on display during People’s History Museum mircoresidency (26th August – 30th August) for visitors to take a look at, be inspired by and make their own contributions.
 Remember if you’re far away from Manchester and you want me to make a contribution all you need to do is tweet #equalityquilt with your message or leave a comment here and I’ll make a contribution for you and add it to the quilt!

I’d love to get some international messages if I can so please do add your own message of what you’d like to see in a more hopeful, tolerant and equal society in future and I’ll add it and send you a picture of what I’ve done!

There was a little surprise for as well. When we were talking together two of the people in the session showed me their tattoos of the equality symbol on person has it on the inside of their finger and the other on their wrist which I thought was brilliant. 
 So these two tattoos have to be incorporated into the quilt as well!

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