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Thursday, 31 July 2014


I have one month left until my residency at People History Museum! I’ll be spending the week from Tuesday 26-Saturday 30 August working with Participants to create messages of hope aimed at the MPs who did not vote ‘yes’ to equal marriage. Those taking part can learn about the role of MPs and be inspired by the pioneering banner collections that challenged section -28 within the museum.

I’ve been working hard to let people know about the project and I need your help as well!

If you’re on twitter please help me!!!

Tell everyone you know that they can contribute to the project by tweeting their hopes about what represents a more equal future by using the hashtag #equalityquilt. The messages will then be converted into an art piece and added to the collection.

I need as many contributions as possible because I’m aiming to represent the 254 MPs who did not say yes to gay marriage; so I need everyone to send me their messages towards a more hopeful, equal and tolerant future for all!
If you’ve read this blogpost and want to contribute please add your comment here and I will upload the finish design on to this blog as well and let you know when it done. If you add your email address to the comment I will send you a copy directly as well.

Also if you happen to be in Liverpool on 2 August for Liverpool Pride I will be marching with the rest and then spending the day with Purlesque in the marquee to test out the workshop with anyone who wants to drop in- So please come and say hi!

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