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Saturday, 8 December 2012

The ‘Octave’ at Salford University

Just want to express how impressed I was by the ‘Octave’ at Salford University.

 They have received Grants for the arts funds to bring artists in residence to experiment with the possibility of this incredibly cool kit. It’s really star trek stuff where you enter this space with eight surrounding screens- the ‘Octave’ which you can walk around inside and look at 3D landscapes which respond to the movement of the people inside.
They gave a really great panel discussion which included Steve Symons from Owl projects and Drew Hemment from Future Everything. Below is a snap shot from the presentation given by current artists in residence: Kyle McDonald, Joanie Lemercier, and Joel Gethin Lewis

Salford have had this tech for the last five years and this is the first time it’s been made available to the public, it’s appointment only and really limited to when you can go:

     The Octave, Centre for Virtual Environments, Second Floor, Newton 

Building, Peel Park Campus, University of Salford

11.00am- 4.00pm, Friday 7 December 2012-Friday 18 January 2013 by appointment

(closed weekends and Monday 17 December-Sunday 6 January 2013 inclusive)

6.00pm–8.00pm, Thursday 6 and Thursday 17 January- open access drop in

To book an appointment for the Octave please email Kit Turner at

Visiting the


  1. This is something new! Sorry not everyone can see it.

  2. Passo para te desejar um Feliz Natal e um 2013 em GRANDE!

  3. Merry Christmas to you as well Graca! x