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Friday, 24 August 2012

Liverpool: FACT and DaDa Festival short film showcase

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FACT  presented a showcase of short films all apart of Dada Festival, there was a range of talent Beacon Hill Arts award winning shorts presented funny witty shorts created entirely by the group. There were a couple of menacing pieces by Mickee Faust Club (Founded by Donna Marie Nudd and Terry Galloway) which really critically attacked the role of charities which I thought were right on and refreshing look. Her "PERFORMANCE OF DROWNING" (2011) piece was shown as a short animation which was just as captivating as the first time. There was also a really dark short of a deaf and blind girl being practically drown by her Irish Catholic Mother in her desperate attempts to make the girl say the word ‘water’ including sticking her head in a toilet and locking her in cage with dripping water, as awful as it sounds I nearly pee’d it was so funny. My favourite pieces were FEAST by Pauline Morel a beautiful dance short which was staged in different time periods set within Gloucestershire’s Berkely Castle. The piece is a mesh of drama at the dining table. 

The last was an unlimited commission called Macropolis by Joel Simon an endearing stopmotion tale of two reject toys a cat and dog really a superb animation really worth a watch, here is a review good review by disability arts online.

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