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Friday, 28 October 2011

Hello I'm back

So I’ve been MIA for over two months!- I never completed the work and I submitted a work in progress (which I haven’t even finished)- I have my reasons:

• I own a patch of land in the world!- I’ve brought a house with my partner, which I’m really pleased with, it’s 11 year old property, with three bedrooms and even a little garden.

• I’ve started a MA in Arts Management, Policy and Practice in Manchester University- which is part time and for the next two years.

So the course started in September and it just so happened that we actually received our keys to the house in the same week. It was a heavy going, especially when juggling a full time job!
There is around 40-50 pages of reading to do per week, so something had to drop; so I chose my commitment to updating the blog. (the reading hurts so bad)

I am trying to re-juggle blogging back into existence. So I’m changing the way I blog, I will do little updates about the course and post about other things which I’m doing/enjoying/hating in relation to the course. This will be in tandem with twitter update which just gives very short updates of what I’m up to in and around Manchester.

I’m also adding blog reviews to Manchester ICP (Institute of Cultural Practice) please check it out! I’ve just posted my first review on Frieze fair in London which you can view here:
Anyway enough excuses I will make more effort to return on blogasphere scene


  1. Wow! Congratulations on the new home and the major developments in your life. I'm glad you're back... in some fashion!

  2. Thanks Mitch, I just caught up on your adventures in Saville, those mosaics are really something, the details in the knotted segments and the birds are so detailed! I bet that was really special to see in person they're so well preserved considering their age.