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Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Solo Series 3

Introducing the third series of solo models here are more drawings which I have spent some time creating. A positive of doing over time at work: Though I have less energy to be active an go out and be social; I do try and muster the energy to be on the couch watch telly and draw something.
Textile work will be appearing soon as well as more 'Kisses' it will just time me a little time to upload them, by writing that I will adding these images to the blog, I am hoping to guilt myself into uploading them sooner.


  1. We will be waiting for your images. They are very beautiful. Is it cliché to say: "Keep up the good work"?


  2. Thanks Sizzling Hot your compliment made me blush :)

    Hope anyone clicking on this blog will also check out your fantastic stories and articles:

    They're a mix of fun, erotic fantasy and pleasure as well as real life articles and stories

  3. Oh wow, I love that style.


  4. Thanks Erika, big complement coming from you I love your blog

    Anyone looking for a entertaining read for latest in-depth discussions on duck face, things to enjoy if bored (drinking pee image lol) and a general pearls of wisdom and snap shots of modern living (awesome bedrooms) that make you feel like you've just taken a look in a mirror seen the world in a new disturbing light and say 'omg'.

    And Thank you too Rachael! Rachael's personal entry blog is relatable diary style. This sample is my fav entry so far:

  5. ahhh. amazing. love this. post more doll. Don't forget to swing by and see Nicole's new fave accessory and the latest fash read. xoxo

    Follow on twitter to hear the adventures of an LA stylist.

  6. Wow, the model is quite hunky!
    Love the portrait you did on your previous post as well!

  7. Thanks Fash,

    You're a blogging machine though! I have know idea how I would keep up that level of activity but I will deffo try to be more up to date.

    If you're looking to keep on top of trends and hear honest comments on celeb's outfits head to toe check out for sleek colourful reviews and images

    Thanks Len♥reNeverM♥re - check out Len♥reNeverM♥re blog if you like things of beauty great and small. This blog is a great source for inspiration and humour which draws from past and present which a personalised and stylish touch x

  8. Wonderful work! You've done a wonderful job capturing the form and I love your line work.

  9. Thanks Sara

    I love your soft dreamlike world you absorbed me in

    enter another world below: