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Friday, 20 June 2014


Woo-hoo! I managed to win a residency with People’s History Museum! Just wanted to say a massive thank you to all those who voted for my project! 

I’ll be doing my residency from 26-30th August at PHM. There will be more announcements to come but I’m very excited to be having the opportunity and it would not have been possible without your votes!  If you want to see more about the project and the other two winners follow this link:

I particularly need to say thanks the following amazing organisation for plugging me on their websites social networks it made all the difference!

Monday, 2 June 2014

Just a few days left to Vote- Please help me get into People's History Museum

Here is a poster of my craftivist proposal to People's History Museum
Click on the images to enlarge
Please tweet and tell everyone you know to vote for this LGBT craftivist project!

Sunday, 1 June 2014

Please vote for my project! Play your part with People's History Museum

Out of over 90 applications I’ve managed to reach the final 12 artists to a competition with the People’s History Museum for a week’s residency! I’m pretty excited but they will only select three based on a public vote. So please follow that link and vote for me. It’s open in the museum itself and you can vote online until 5pm 11 June. 

The People’s History museum project would enable me to execute workshops for people to contribute to the foundations of a bigger project.  I am currently in the process of developing a community quilt project which aims to celebrate the 396 MPs who voted ‘Yes’ for equal marriage in 2013. 396 portraits hand drawn will be individually printed on hexagonal fabric and sewn together to form a quilt.  Here is an example of Gordon Brown who voted 'Yes' The 396 faces will then get decorated and added together to form a quilt.

The remaining 254 MPs that did not say yes will be represented by hexagonal fabric with messages of hope that have been made by the public.
 During the week residency I will host drop in workshops, getting audiences to create a range of positive messages to the MPs which did not vote for equal marriage.   Participation aims to inspire more political engagement with current affairs. The project will draw out key examples from the People’s History Museum’s banner collection (which include banners from suffragettes and section 28 campaigns).   The project highlights that although LGBT people have gained rights, there is still work to be done to gain real equality.  The messages that I create will then be used to be appliqued onto the hexagons where an MP did not vote for Equal Marriage.

The diagram illustrates how this would appear, the black hexagons are those that voted against, the grey is those who abstained and the coloured hexagons represent the MPs who voted yes (and their political party).  You can see how MPs voted and who they represent from this interactive map from The Guardian which I based this data. I used an image from the Telegraph which is a political map of the 2010 election and modified the colours to reflect the votes made for equal marriage in 2013. From the Guardian article by Simon Rogers you can see the geographical locations of the MPs and how they voted.  

The quilt itself will be created later in the year and will act as an educational tool to inform young people of the role of MPs and the how to become an activist for equal rights. I hope to then tour the piece to raise awareness and hope to other places. I’m aiming to have the quilt itself ready for the next LGBT history month (February 2015).

So Please help me out simply by voting for my project here:

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Cloth and Memory

So my MA is FINALLY done! I'll get results at the end of November, in the mean time here is a stunning exhibition I recently went to see. Its open until 3 November Cloth and Memory (2). It's an epic showcase 23 international contemporary textile works. Artists are both emerging and established all responding to the attic space within Salts Mill, Saltaire in West Yorkshire

Kari Steihaug 
 Celia Pym 
Machiko Agano  
Hannah Leighton-Boyce 
Yoriko Murayama
Hilary Bower 
Koji Takaki 
Yasuko Fujino 
Maxine Bristow 
Karina Thompson
Masae Bamba  
Diana Harrison 
Yoriko Yoneyama  
Peta Jacobs
Caroline Bartlett

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

The Open West

These images are all from The Open West, 46 artists work are on display at the Newark Park in Gloucestershire which is close to my parents’ home. So I went to the opening and had a good gander around. The work inside was really amazing, a real rich diverse selection of work across the visuals including some VJing! The fact they had Dr Justin Matshall as guess selector clearly influenced the level of high quality and innovative craft which was on display throughout. I particularly enjoyed Vaughn Horsman's and Cathryn Shilling's work.  I hadn’t heard of Newark Park before so Open West had encouraged me in by displaying some contemporary art inside this old heritage site. The house is beautiful, with immaculate grounds, (including peacocks!) and views of the Cotswolds; wish I had seen it a long time ago.
It was really great to see that they had a fair balance of local, regional, national and international artists represented. They’re also working in partnership with MEANTIME Projects who are based in Cheltenham and supported the artist in resident William Lindley as well as working with schools in rural locations and delivering artist workshops. Having grown up in a very rural area, I found this particularly inspiring. I would have loved the opportunity to learn from an actual practicing artist whilst at school, yet would have properly encouragement me more earlier on instead feeling a little odd that I wasn’t interested in football.
So I’m ending my last post for a while on an arty high. There are loads of great artists work I haven't even mentioned, you'll have to go check it out for yourself. I'm tight up at the moment; I won’t write anything on here now until October as I am in the middle of doing my DISSERATATION. I have been immersed in research and executing questionnaires for the last two months and I had a moment where I realised I had abandon this blog. I have still been out and about; thanks to twitter I do upload the occasional tweet (just to remind myself as much as anything) of the inspiring art that is out there and influencing me.  I can’t believe I’ve almost reached the end of two years at University of Manchester.  I have also uploaded my papers as I have done in the past, which you can see here in case you are thinking of taking on a MA in arts Management; frankly it’s also nice to think that someone else other than the tutors might someday read them.  Till then have a good scroll through some ace works at The Open West!
Artemis Herber  Stems (pictured)
 Jo Davis Pieces of Kennet
Kate MccGwire (just a small example, the bigger pieces are mind blowing, go see them for yourself!)