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Sunday, 13 October 2013

Cloth and Memory

So my MA is FINALLY done! I'll get results at the end of November, in the mean time here is a stunning exhibition I went to recently which is open until 3 November Cloth and Memory (2). It's an epic showcase 23 international contemporary textile works. Artists are both emerging and established all responding to the attic space within Salts Mill, Saltaire in West Yorkshire
Kari Steihaug 
 Celia Pym 
Machiko Agano  
Hannah Leighton-Boyce 
Yoriko Murayama
Hilary Bower 
Koji Takaki 
Yasuko Fujino 
Maxine Bristow 
Karina Thompson
Masae Bamba  
Diana Harrison 
Yoriko Yoneyama  
Peta Jacobs
Caroline Bartlett

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

The Open West

These images are all from The Open West, 46 artists work are on display at the Newark Park in Gloucestershire which is close to my parents’ home. So I went to the opening and had a good gander around. The work inside was really amazing, a real rich diverse selection of work across the visuals including some VJing! The fact they had Dr Justin Matshall as guess selector clearly influenced the level of high quality and innovative craft which was on display throughout. I particularly enjoyed Vaughn Horsman's and Cathryn Shilling's work.  I hadn’t heard of Newark Park before so Open West had encouraged me in by displaying some contemporary art inside this old heritage site. The house is beautiful, with immaculate grounds, (including peacocks!) and views of the Cotswolds; wish I had seen it a long time ago.
It was really great to see that they had a fair balance of local, regional, national and international artists represented. They’re also working in partnership with MEANTIME Projects who are based in Cheltenham and supported the artist in resident William Lindley as well as working with schools in rural locations and delivering artist workshops. Having grown up in a very rural area, I found this particularly inspiring. I would have loved the opportunity to learn from an actual practicing artist whilst at school, yet would have properly encouragement me more earlier on instead feeling a little odd that I wasn’t interested in football.
So I’m ending my last post for a while on an arty high. There are loads of great artists work I haven't even mentioned, you'll have to go check it out for yourself. I'm tight up at the moment; I won’t write anything on here now until October as I am in the middle of doing my DISSERATATION. I have been immersed in research and executing questionnaires for the last two months and I had a moment where I realised I had abandon this blog. I have still been out and about; thanks to twitter I do upload the occasional tweet (just to remind myself as much as anything) of the inspiring art that is out there and influencing me.  I can’t believe I’ve almost reached the end of two years at University of Manchester.  I have also uploaded my papers as I have done in the past, which you can see here in case you are thinking of taking on a MA in arts Management; frankly it’s also nice to think that someone else other than the tutors might someday read them.  Till then have a good scroll through some ace works at The Open West!
Artemis Herber  Stems (pictured)
 Jo Davis Pieces of Kennet
Kate MccGwire (just a small example, the bigger pieces are mind blowing, go see them for yourself!)  

Monday, 13 May 2013

Format Festival 13- FACTORY

Format 13 Festival Derby
centred on the theme FACTORY and mass production here is a few of my snaps from the international festival which featured exhibitions and shows all over Derby City.

MobFORMAT was a mobile phone picture exhbition which anyone could contribute towards, there was a large printer and stools with all the people's contributions.
my contribution was images which included circles which I then placed around the bin.  
Over 30 artists exhibited within the Chocolate Factory here are some more highlights. 
 from the workshops within the Chocolate Factory

  Out of all the pictures I was drawn to this image the kids makeup is amazing!
These are images from around Derby
The Developer, was a multi-artist residency responding to the Derwent Valley Mills World Heritage Site at John Smedley for FORMAT13. This was the Grand Finale which showed the results from their collaboration everyone brought some food for the show which was hosted at the Chocolate Factory.

QUAD Gallery
Album Beauty
These are all lucky charm boxes
ThaĆ­s Medina Brazilian Packaged Miracles
Medina documents Brazilian esoteric products designed to give good fortune, popular with people of various religions and creeds in Brazil.
 I love the idea of luck and prosperity becoming a commodity which can become mass produced.
My friend looking adorable with the picture mat.
 Posing with the boys 

St. Werburgh's Chapel, Atsushi Fujiwara 10 editions of Asphalt and related photobooks
Published in Japan between 2008 & 2012 Asphalt magazine managed to become a point of reference, even in the Western hemisphere due to its platforms of emergent photographers and its anti-mainstream attitude
 Market hall, Stood Still in Time  and Burton College 
Derby Museum and Art Gallery
Curated by Timothy Prus and Ed Jones.
Andreas Meichsner
TUV... to the acid test Paul Hill
FORMAT EXPOSURE Award Meichsner documents employees of TUV (the German Association for technical inspections) in their daily business of certifying the safety, performance and quality of equipment and goods.

Archive of Modern Conflict
Notes Home This exhibition celebrates the dying art of the picture postcard, exploring the holiday time of the working class and factory workers, featuring postcards sent from English holiday resorts.