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Male Bath House Project

This page is dedicated to the on going developments of a large scale piece I have been creating. I've been wanting to create a textile based piece which is erotically charged, explodes colour and is rich in detail. I want to create a triptych piece which can be viewed individually or brought together to create a larger scene. 
These are images from my sketch book, I didn't know how I wanted the final images to look. I new which central figure I wanted to use however I wasn't sure how I wanted him to fit alongside other figures I have in mind.  This figure is showering with his back turned to an audience, I want to create a desirable figure which I knew would be difficult as he is not drawn but sown into creation.

These were my initial thoughts of how I wanted the image to look. During the summer I had a visit to Turkey I went to a Turkish bathhouse (Hamam) and was influenced by the architecture and mosaics. I liked how intricate the designs were using repetition and geometry to create beautiful, colourful designs. I wanted to incorporate these floral elements into the image. Once I started looking into these designs more I came across The Kings Palace in Tetuan, Morocco which has incredible examples of tiling mosaics.

Check Jeffery Bale's Blog who has also been influenced, click: here

There is also something in the historical context I want to give a nod to the Roman and Greeks, a bath house is a social sanctuary however was also used for other purposes :)

However I also want to the figure to be seen in the dark through illuminated him with UV black lighting. I wanted the lighting to reflect gay night-life, the bath houses which men can use to court each other. 

This changes the way the anonymous figure is viewed, he could be playfully presenting himself to a voyeur.

Depending on how a place another figure alongside this one will change the composition and presence of the triptych. 
This is how it has begun to take form: