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Saturday, 30 August 2014

#equalityquilt Day 4

 I've now had a chance to reflect  on yesterday it was another great day. Above is Phoebe Myers who came by for a meeting about  Free For Arts FestivalPhoebe is going to be making a Freedom Banner and is inviting visitors to contribute their freedoms, both big and small, which are important to them.  The workshop will be held on Saturday 4 October as part of our PHM Fun Palace, and the banner will be displayed at the museum until Friday 10 October. 
Here were some visitors from Japan, who were all lovely and made great contributions

 I managed to get more twitter pictures done which I'm really please with I still have a number left to do yet.
 Daddy and Mummy Bliss came to visit, that's why I've not had chance to reflect - we had dinner together. It was great to show them around and get them to take part as well.
 The fella on the end wrote 'all equal' in Spanish and the rest of the family were really creative. They were taking part whilst they waited for the dad to finish his meeting with People's History Museum. It turns out he's a textile artist as well. He's going to be doing an exhibition in January (I'll upload a link soon).
 More families came in today. Here is a couple of families, all lovely people it's been really great meeting so many different people.

The lovely Ben Turner from Haus of Phag visited as well and sewed a contribution! So I now have 70 left to complete the 254 needed to represent on the map the MPs who voted against, didn't vote or abstained from the same sex marriage bill. Today is my last day in the space :-s

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