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Tuesday, 26 August 2014

#equalityquilt: Day 1

Wow! I've just complete my first day of the residency. I've been frantically putting together this inspiration wall ready for visitors to take a look at and gain ideas to contribute towards the project. On the left is some legal information provided by Irwin Mitchell Solicitors as well as some local articles and images that are from the People's History Museum collection; as well as items from their archive.
 There were a steady stream of visitors who came into the space, there was even a child who was 18 months old who got involved with her grand mother and mother which was really cute. 
 There were a real range of visitors including a group of Germans, a couple from France and a couple from Beligum. The Beligium couple were surprised to learn that the same sex marriage bill has only just passed as Beligium had it since 2003! So we're behind a bit Britain! 
 This young person was so pleased with his contbution he had to take it home with him :)
  So this is how it appears at the moment! I'll try and post more tomorrow...

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