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Monday, 21 February 2011

A Personal Gift

I was recently asked to create a birthday present using two different pictures of someone's grandparents. These two picture were the only images she had with herself and her grandparent's in the images. I was asked if I could create a simple drawing using these photographs which could be given as a gift for her mother.The two images of the Grandparents shows them holding her as a child, the two separate images were taken at different distances making the figures separate sizes. I suggested I would be able to create an image which she could give as a gift which included both her grandparent's could be sat with her in the same image
Taking the two images and altering the scale of both of the images I was able photo-shop to create this joint image carefully overlapping how the figures sat togetherFrom this I then was able to create this drawing of them all together

As these pictures are special memories I used soft colouring to add to the gentleness of the scene. The original photographs lighting is in draining, direct flash-light whitening the face and creating dark shadows behind the figures. I adapted the colours and retained pattern of her grandparents clothing.

If you have a particular image or an idea of something that you would like to create please feel free to contact me with any details you can provide and I can present some options to you.
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  1. Hey! It must have been hard to come up with something good with those pics (there's something seriously off with the woman's position). Keep up the good work!

  2. Cheers for the support Axel!

    Just want to do a little shout out to say thanks to everyone who's following I've finally crossed the 50 followers mark!

  3. wonderful job you did on the photos !

  4. Clever use of photoshop to create your base composite! Excellent work on a thoughtful gift.

  5. Thanks Joel and Cheyenne :)

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    with love, cris

  7. Thanks Cris!

    You're beautiful and so toned I'd love to create a drawing for you aswell x

    Check out Cris' blog for images of a pretty twink with his top off